Documenting theatre productions

In its present form, RAPPELS includes information about nearly 3,000 Quebec theatrical productions created or co-produced by the eight member companies of T.A.I. since the founding of the oldest of these companies in 1948. It also features productions by partner companies in co-production with T.A.I. members or presented on their stages. 

Navigating the site and conducting searches can be done in various ways (see the list of FAQ). Links to a production’s program or poster appear in the search results when these documents have been placed with the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) under legal deposit and when displaying them online is authorized. 

Indexes of titles of works, authors and directors, and another of individuals who carried out other functions as part of a production, are provided in separate sections. There is also an index of companies hosted by T.A.I. members; links to these companies appear in the search results.